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User Agreement

In this agreement the word "IMSI" means Information Management Systems Inc. The word "you" means Subscriber. IMSI and Subscriber agree as follows:

(1) All information, whether written, printed or verbal, furnished by IMSI, its agents, employees and independent contractors shall be used exclusively for the benefit of the Subscriber.

(2) Subscriber promises IMSI that Credit Report and other non-public records inquiries will be made only for the purpose of Credit Granting or other Bona Fide business transactions.

(3) Subscriber agrees to pay for services, including "no record" information, rendered by IMSI. Terms of payments: 30 days net. Interest of 1.5% per month will be charged on any unpaid balance. If necessary, costs of collection and attorney's fees will be added to the unpaid balance.

(4) Subscriber agrees to adhere to the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.. You may require the consumer written consent for his/her credit report. Any person who knowingly and willfully obtains information on a consumer under false pretenses shall be fined or imprisoned or both.

(5) Subscriber hereby certifies and agrees to indemnify IMSI, its agents, employees and independent contractors of any liability, damages or expenses resulting from any information provided by IMSI. You further recognize that the accuracy of the information is not guaranteed by IMSI; and you release IMSI, its agents, employees and independent contractors from liability for any negligence in connection with the information provided by IMSI and from any loss or expense suffered by you or your users or affiliates resulting directly or indirectly from IMSI, its agents, employees or independent contractors.

(6) IMSI agrees to exercise its best efforts to deliver all information requested by Subscriber in an expeditious and efficient manner, but it shall have no obligation or liability to Subscriber for any delay or failure of IMSI in its performance under this agreement.

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